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Posted 2010-05-05.

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Want to join an early-stage, TechStars/angel-backed startup?

We're looking for a hyper-intelligent person to join our small team of talented
Android, BlackBerry, and Rails developers.

This is a very unique opportunity to learn how to build a startup and
technology from the ground up. If you enjoy creating, you'll have a blast
working at a very high level with a small team learning from mentors that have
built technologies including Rock Band, Android, and Avid, and have created the
first web application server, first online shopping mall, first desktop
publishing program, and first commercialized virtual property.

Were looking for a quick learner and self-starter interested in developing
iPhone and Ruby on Rails applications. We care about intelligence more than
experience, and work ethic more than pedigree.


   Absolutely loves to build. You must program as a hobby and have interesting
    personal side-projects.

   Enjoys communicating. You must be able to communicate your ideas and


   Understanding of basic client/server architecture.

   Deep appreciation for modular, maintainable design.

   Ability to disentangle potentially complicated UI problems into smaller
    pieces and translate to software components.

   Sensibility about what to expect in a framework (in this case, UIKit and
    other iPhone frameworks), and use of sensibility to arrive at best
    practices in framework documentation quickly.

   Ability to reach out and adopt functionality and components from open
    source libraries (like Three20).

About Us:
AccelGolf is a golf analytics and improvement platform that leverages mobile
and social applications to aggregate and analyze real-time performance data.
The company is angel-funded and was a participant in the TechStars Boston 2009

If you're interested, send us a quick description of the most interesting
side-project you've worked on.